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Who we are:

MPSI Security Inc. is a licensed Private Security Contractor in Florida, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. 


Unlike several security contractor agencies operating in these states, we are not a foreign owned corporation.

Our management and ownership team combines experience from several fields relative to the security industry:  Corrections, Educational Administration, Investigations, Law Enforcement, Nursing, Military, Psychology and Security Services.


MPSI is uniquely poised to bring highly qualified security management and security solutions to established, new, and growing businesses in every industry.

MPSI understands the unique nature of security concerns and vulnerabilities in the workplace, at special events, and even personal needs.


We understand that our client’s concerns and needs may change at any time.  We specifically train our employees in the area of customer service and find that to be one of the most important attributes of our guards.  Our employees enhance security and safety at workplace, event, retail and virtually any environment. 


Our goal is to focus on our client's needs and provide a customization security solution with our staff. 

MPSI prides itself in the ability to provide exceptionally professional and well trained guards. We specialize in uniformed and plain clothes guards, armed and unarmed as well as K-9 officers.  MPSI also provides executive protection agents who have acquired specialist training either through military or federal law enforcement training programs. 

MPSI Security is deeply committed to bringing the highest quality security solutions to your industry, helping to create a safe environment for the businesses, patrons and individuals on whom you depend. We operate on the principles of Honesty, Integrity, and Professionalism in order to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

We understand that our employees are an extension of our clients, as well as our company. We strive to achieve the highest level of professionalism through hiring select candidates who are dedicated, professional, hardworking and well trained. We will exceed your expectations due to our customer service satisfaction training and the personable approach of our entire staff.

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