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 Guard Services


MPSI  prides itself in the ability to provide exceptionally professional security employees.  We are able to provide plain clothes and uniformed security officers, both armed and unarmed and management to clients large and small including private individuals.








We know that every environment has different security needs which is why we have a variety of guarding functions to meet any client’s requirements.







We understand that our employees are an extension of our clients, as well as our corporation.  We strive to achieve the highest level of professionalism through hiring select candidates who are in fact dedicated, professional, hardworking and well trained.  We have the ability to exceed your expectations, unlike our competition, due to our customer service satisfaction training and personable approach of our entire staff.

Event Staffing

Whether you’re running a large conference, trade show, music festival, or special event, our event staff is available to help make it a success! Our employees are client-friendly, fan-friendly, and employee-friendly. Your guests are your most valuable assets, we emphasize guest services in all our training to ensure that our guest service objectives are clearly communicated to our team. Our staff are approachable and encouraged to interact with your guests. Our employees  enjoy working for us which means our clients have stress-free events knowing we will meet any challenge in a professional and courteous way. Our management and supervisory staff are always available to clients and works to develop the best security and guest services programs. We are flexible and responsive and when an issue does arise we resolve it immediately.We can assist with all aspects of your event including: 

  • Registration / Ticket Taking

  • Room Monitoring

  • Directional Staff

  • Help Desk

  • Runners

  • Gift Bag Stuffing & Distribution

  • Setup & Breakdown

  • Event Coordination  

We can also help with logistics and vendor coordination as well. 



Whether you need one guard at a reception desk, or a team of security officers to monitor your Business, Event or Warehouse, we can provide the security staff you need with the ease and efficiency you desire

Commercial Facilities
Corporate Facilities
Retail Stores
Educational Institutions
Nuclear Power Plants and Utilities
Government Facilities
Financial Institutions
Healthcare Facilities
Lodging and Hospitality Properties
Distribution Centers and Processing Plants
Entertainment, Amusement Parks, and Event Venues
Construction Sites and Industrial Facilities
Cultural Properties
Apartment Complexes and High-Rise Buildings
Access control

Reception/concierge duties

Emergency response and life safety (Paramedics / EMTs)

Security guard patrols

Loss prevention 

Special events




Any business requires the free flow of products to customers in order to be successful. In addition, criminals often target cash and assets when they are being moved since this is a highly vulnerable point in the supply chain.





MPSI is the premier security firm in the transportation of assets.  Our trained officers and transportation network will safely transport cash, product or other assets.

Protecting products and assets during transportation is essential for every industry. Any product is most vulnerable during the transportation phase so it is essential to protect your products by using professional security services to protect your valuable assets.


Often businesses will use employees or other internal resources to transport their assets. This not only increases their liability but also increases the risk to staff. A carjacking, holdup or road “accident” can happen in seconds and thieves can quickly steal thousands of dollars in cash or goods before law enforcement can arrive on the scene.


MPSI offers transport services using covert, secure or armored vehicles. All security officers are highly trained in transport security and can offer a level of security that untrained employees cannot provide. This reduces the liability and threat to these employees.





Through our developed partnerships, MPSI is able to offer leading security and life safety solutions for                 both residential and commercial applications, covering intrusion, video, transmission, fire and access.              We offer the most-trusted product names in the industry which are backed by ongoing partner services

        and support.  




Mobile Security

     Video Recorders






     Remote Viewing


     IP Solutions





Residential and Commercial Intrusion

GE Security Pro®

Interlogix® (UTC Fire and Security)



Fire & Life®




Medical Services

EMT'S and Paramedics

ALS and BLS Ambulances 

LPN and RN's and Nurse Practitioners




The Kern Group 1

Fire / Life / Safety


     Control Panels


     Initiating Devices


     Notification Devices


     Audio Notification





                                          IP Controllers








                                         Remote Access

The Kern Group 2
The Kern Group 3